Introduction, Dedication and Bio

Who is Hedgewytch Lynne?

            Many of you know me by other names. I am an author, editor, composer and poet, an initiated disciple of the Gaudiya Vaisnava tradition of India, and a channel of the Holy Spirit, a teacher of all things spiritual. And last but not least, a Hedgewytch, or individual who keeps one foot firmly planted in the world and one in the spirit world, connected, attached, listening and trying to balance harmonically with the Godhead.

           In the west direction of the Medicine Wheel, where home and hearth, and friends and family reside, I am wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, and Hedgewytch, the representative of the Goddess in daily life. The keeper of the old ways and traditions, ready to share, comfort, nurture and heal all who are in need.


What is Hedgewytchery?

            Welcome to the blog of Hedgewytchery, the knowledge of the Goddess, both past and present, the world where mortal feet walk on mortal ground and eternal soul stays firmly connected to the heavens and beyond. Where the intricacies of life are explored, traditions revered, the sacred upheld, the wise ways restored and the Feminine honoured.

            This is ‘The Song of Sophia’, the Goddess of Wisdom, so called in the Hebrew, and Sophia, the Gnostic Goddess. She is Saraswati, Gayatri, and Shakti Ma in the Vedas, or Isis in ancient Egypt. Her names and forms are many, many more.

            We will explore Her names, Her Mantras, Her teachings, Her legends, and Her virtues.



            This blog is dedicated to the Goddess and to all Her daughters who reside on this planet.

            To those who struggle, and to those who are victorious. To those who mourn, and to those who sing in joy.

           To those who mother, and to those who be-friend.

           To those who walk in non-human form, who feel all the emotions and do many of the actions we humans perform.

           To the trees, the land and the waters of the earth, we offer love and hearts which desire only to heal.

           May we unite in a common bond to restore and regenerate our Mother, our Mother’s land and ourselves!

            So mote it be!


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