Doing Your Part

Doing Your Part

I was shocked to read that the common seagull is on the endangered species list. Wow! Where I grew up in Ontario on the lake, seagulls flew over our house in huge flocks almost daily. It was normal to see them all over the park across from where I lived. Endangered? WTF?!

If you look at any of these videos about the oceans, you will see that there are islands in the ocean covered with dead seabirds and fish. They are dead because they are full of plastic, lead sinkers from fishermen, rubber bands, hooks, bottle caps, and all sorts of plastic and coloured parts from every possible human invention that has been dumped into the sea. You thought global warming was going to kill you? Guess again!

This is an endless horror story which I’m not sure we can escape from. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty freaked out about it. But, because I’m also a Capricorn, my soul immediately springs into action and starts thinking of ways to fix this.

I think the first thing is to make sure that not only cities, but any ocean liners or other sea-going vessels are not dumping any more of their garbage or waste into the sea. This article which came out in 2017 suggests the Cruise ships are cleaning up their act, but in 2016 in December one such vessel was fined a whopping 40 million dollars for doing that very thing.

This article discusses the realities of cruise ships which take the same routes every year and pollute the same waters constantly. While the telegraph article writer is sure they are dumping pristine sewage into the sees, the energy skeptic says don’t get fooled. I tend to go along with the energy skeptic. I’ve seen these ships and I know what they are talking about. We were full-time RVers for years. I know what wastewater and blackwater contain. I also know that the black water, no matter how you clean and treat it, is still black water. And the difference in dumping the blackwater from a village in a sea is unreal compared to the outflow from a two-person RV.
Can you say, “Holy Hazmat Suit, Batman!”

If you think I’m exaggerating, check this out.

So what can we do?
1) Write your government officials and ask them what’s going on to protect our oceans from hazardous waste from any seagoing vessels, and to not dump the city garbage into the rivers, lakes, streams or oceans.
2) Write all the cruise lines and ask them to make sure they aren’t polluting the seas. Suggest compostable toilets instead of water toilets. If enough people write, things change. Create one letter and send it out to everyone. Oh, and, a hard copy letter has more effect than an email, though emails work. So do whatever is best for you, but hard copy letters pouring in through the front door and piled on desks, are hard to ignore. You can always just turn off the computer.

3) I tell you these indigo babies blow me a way. Here’s another brilliant youngster who is probably going to help us save the world. He and his people have come up with very workable solutions. Another pair of Aussies have done a similar thing on a smaller level. I applaud these fellows and their inventions. You can follow and invest in and volunteer etc by connecting at or

4) This is one of my favourite things. This Japanese inventor created a device which converts oil based products back into oil which can be used then as biodiesel. I think city and every community should have one. Plastics recycling should mean back to oil for biodiesel. What a difference that would make. You can get your own. Here’s some links.
Tell your government or city about these and write lots of letters till out convince them this is the better way!

5) Start roaming the beaches in your area and pick up all garbage, especially fish hooks, fishing line, lead weights, plastic and non-plastic bottle caps etc. Anything shiny or small that a bird or fish might ingest. Post signs that ask fishermen not to use lead weights. Not only is the lead killing the sea water and fish, it’s killing the birds who prey on the fish, like eagles.

6) Post signs asking the fishermen to not drop any fishing lines or hooks. To be meticulous about removing their toxic, life-threatening garbage and don’t leave a fish with a hook in it. They get stuck in the birds of prey and threaten their lives too.

7) Don’t use plastic if at all possible. Just stop.

8) Don’t patronize any cruise ships who dump waste into the sea. Don’t patronize businesses who aren’t environmentally protective. Put your money where your mouth is.

Make the decision to do one thing a week to change the planet, to change your world. To save our Mother Earth.

Start with plastic. Stop using it! Tell others! Write letters! Promote clean-up! Promote fisherman proactivity! Post signs! Get a plastic to oil machine for your house, community, apartment building, townhouse complex, city, province, state, country!

Inform! Be proactive! Save the world! Save your future!

Thank you!



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