New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

New Year’s Resolutions for 2017


I rarely make any kind of resolutions in the New Year, since I have been known to forget to do them pretty quickly after the event. I think most people are like that. So why bother, eh?

But I was thinking that maybe this year, it would be a good idea. And this time I will write them down.

I get all sorts of self-help and spiritual development emails on a daily basis. Some are more into gaining wealth and I often just trash them, but some have really good ideas in them. More than one, this month, has talked about setting incremental goals for ourselves, as a better way to achieve success. And I think it’s a really good idea.

Too often we make lists which are almost impossible to achieve. I don’t know about you, but I do that all the time. It’s not good either, cause I rarely accomplish anything on my list then.

I’ve had a rotten cold for about a week now and have achieved pretty much zero goals this week except blog postings—which can be done on an iPad while lying in bed. (Thank you Zara for the iPad. 😘😘)
I’ve had a Christmas present wrapped and ready to go—except for the address part—sitting on the table for a week.( yes I know Christmas is over. Sigh.) So my goal today, using the step-by-step approach will be to just find the address of my friend in my emails, write it down and put it on the box.

That may sound pretty pathetic, but believe me I am pretty pathetic right now. Actually there are days and even weeks which go by where I feel like I have accomplished zip. So the idea of teeny tiny steps might just work for me.

It’s like cleaning the fridge. You open the door, the smell hits you, and you shut the door. Nothing else happens. Now using the step-by-step incremental success approach, you open the door, look at the top shelf, empty the stuff onto the counter, spray it down and wash it and scrape off whatever is growing in there and then wipe the jars as you put them back, while using an element of discernment as to whether the colour in the jar is natural or means something other than apple jelly is growing in there. Then you close the fridge door and the next day, you do another shelf. Before your next birthday, the fridge should be smelling good and looking clean.

I think I can work with this system.

So I’m going to use the A.A. approach on this New Year’s Resolutions.
Just for today, I will not yell at my husband when I find the chair dragged out from the table, his clothes strewn about the floor and his dishes hither and yon throughout the house. Today, I will simply push in the chair, and smile to myself. Then later, if I feel like it, I will ask him politely to remember to push the chair back where it goes when he leaves the table so it doesn’t look so messy. I will gently request he gather his dishes and put them in the dishwasher and I will save any desire to scream until tomorrow. His clothes—well he may notice if the pile grows and he runs out of clean ones.
I can work with that. No yelling until tomorrow. The step-by-step approach. Everything in incremental stages. Just for today….


I’m also setting my goal of finishing my books in small steps. I will make an enormous list of tiny things, which when I check them off will make me feel like a super-hero! Things like: 1) find the book on your computer. 2) open it up. 3) re-read the last chapter you wrote 4) get a tea 5) assess the plot and where it’s heading ( that one could take awhile) 6) write 100 words. 7) take a nap.

See what I mean? If I make that list, I can check off four things before I do “sweet bugger all” and I will feel like a genius.

Yes, I can do this. This year, I will be very successful in my Resolutions.
But first I have to live through today.
So my list for the next hour or so is: 1) get a hankie and blow my nose 2) take more drugs 3) make another herbal tea 4) drink it before it gets cold 5) make another piece of toast 6) eat it…don’t forget the butter 7) go back to sleep. And oh yes, (8) publish this post.

I’m hoping the hubby will channel his inner Motherly Goddess a little more today and remember to make sure I’m alive by checking on me every hour or so. As opposed to yesterday. He was more into channeling his inner Flyboy and computer guy.

Anyway, if you have made some resolutions and want to be successful this year, write them down and then break each one down further into little tiny easy-to-do parts. That way you will have a fighting chance!


May the Source be with you!
May the Goddess give you love!

Happy New Year!
Hedgewytch Lynne


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