Sorting Out Life

Sorting Out Life


I was recently contacted by an old friend—old as in long-time not elderly—who passed on some information about a mutual one. This other person had recently died of cancer.
Since I have had my own bout with that little demon, I was saddened to hear the news. I was even more disturbed to find out the one who contacted me was just finishing chemo herself.


It seems like every time I turn around, someone I know is dealing with this demon. I call it a demon, because quite frankly, it is. Though the knowledge I learned from fighting it has changed my life.


Running into this obstacle in my life caused me to have to take a serious look at my world. I had to examine myself and figure out what I was doing wrong. What had attracted this nightmare to me? What was off-balance in my world?


I was a vegetarian, so I thought I had been okay. I re-calculated my diet and went vegan, dumping the contaminated nightmarish world of the modern dairy industry out of my life. I also went gluten free after finding out wheat is the oldest gmo’d substance on the planet. We aimed for almost completely—well probably 90%—organic, plus completely non-gmo. That’s the big one. When scientists mess with your food, your body doesn’t know what the heck that stuff is, so it puts it in a pile and screws you up inside. Most GMO foods should be considered as evil. The modern scientists are crossing vegetable cells with animal cells and crazy things. Run from them. It’s one thing to combine strong versions of a plant with even stronger versions of the same, to create a good solid hybrid. It’s another to put an Apple cell together with a pig. That’s nuts.


I read about alkalinity of body and got the test strips. Darned if I wasn’t acidic, so I searched out acidic foods and did major adjustments there. We also purchased an alkaline reverse osmosis water system from the states which had six or seven filters in it. Nothing but remineralized pure water can get through that thing, and we set the alkalinity ourselves. My more scientific hubby did it all.


But then I realized I had not addressed alkalinity in my other bodies and that’s when it hit me. I was a bitch. A real, live bitch. I was miserable and lonely and depressed and I was taking it out on everyone around me. I was acidic. My emotions and mind and spirit were acidic. I spoke darkness and I felt dark inside. So I needed to do something about it before it killed me.


I started by talking to the hubby about our lives and how we were communicating or not communicating. I refused to take any bullshit from him and I stopped dishing out the same.
I took a look at my soul and realized I wasn’t feeding it. I was frustrated and tired out from caring for everyone else’s needs and not getting anything back. I needed some actual personal time.
So, I made a few new rules. Two meals a week out or take-out so I didn’t have to cook. Help with the house work so I’m not spending my whole life taking care of a building instead of having a life.


Meditating daily, even if that means listening to it as I doze off to sleep.
Listening to spiritual webinars and refreshing my internal workings.
Finding my soul’s desire, which was to write and teach through my writing. Reading for fun, not just for work. (I’m a book editor.)


Embracing how I view God and being my own version of religion. I am a psychic, medium, Vedantist, Hedgewytch, Christian-Catholic, Medicine Wheel practitioner who has taught spiritual development. I am all of those things, so I can’t just lean into one and be satisfied.
I’m as at home on a Medicine Wheel, embracing some of my roots, as I am in a full moon ceremony with a bunch of Witches. I love the Catholic Church and I love the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy and the Spiritual Scientists, as well as Kenneth and Gloria Copeland and their incredible family.


I also love the Vedas of ancient India and get a rush in my soul at Indian temples and festivals. I have a guru, and an initiated name, but I also have several other spiritual names from a number of other traditions.
Does that make me disloyal to any? I don’t think so. I think it makes me honest.


And so that was also a big part of my healing, honesty with myself and my friends and family. Being willing to say, “This is me. If you don’t like me, there’s the door.”


I have one friend who is always caught up in their own drama and sometimes forgets I exist. That is difficult. But now I know how to deal with it. I am quite willing to remind this person that I, too, exist, whereas before, I would just get really pissed off.


My husband has needs which I can satisfy and needs I can’t. And now, I know enough that I understand it isn’t necessary for me to try to satisfy all his needs; nor is it necessary for him to try to satisfy all of mine.


I’ve joined women’s groups and I go out more. I have learned to say “No” quite easily.
I talk to God everyday and I listen as well.
I’ve met so many people who talk to God all the time, but so very many who never ever wait to hear what God has to say. The biggest part of a relationship with God is to learn to shut-up and listen. That’s the secret.


I’ve tried for years to ignore His instructions—and when I say His, I mean Their, really. For the Godhead is male and female—but it never works out. Now, I’m trying to do what They say to do. I’m trying not to die before the books in me are published, or the adventures awaiting me have been experienced. I’m trying to fulfill my mission, and not just have a job, but have a dream. So the big C was a real eye opener for myself and my family.


I think we are a lot better. People say I look great. I feel like a completely different person now. The big thing I have noticed, is I’m just not angry any more. It’s really hard to get me to be angry. It’s just not important for me to win, or compete, or be on the top. I don’t care really. I’m just as happy when others succeed. I feel younger and more vibrant. The world certainly looks more amazing to me everyday.


I know there are so many people who want to point out all the negative things in life and in the world, but I won’t linger there. I don’t want to talk negative. That is darkness. I won’t go there. I also won’t talk about illness. Illness attracts illness. I never made that demon my calendar, and I refuse to drag my past into my present or future. I sign tons of petitions online every single morning, but then I let it go and trust that the petitioner will take their task to its fruition.
My job is to take my own mission to its fruition, not anyone else’s. So I will continue to do that by writing and sharing my insights through the written and maybe the spoken word.


Before you start your day, talk to God. Ask the Godhead what they want you to do today. Talk to Them about your mission. Be positive and alkaline in your words and heart. Curb acidic words before they come out of your mouth.


Look at every living being as your own child and give them love accordingly. Every living being, not just humans.
Be grateful for every day you have. Be grateful for everyone in your life, the negative nellies and the positive angels. They each have a purpose.
Take time to meditate and listen to God. Take time to love yourself. If you love yourself, others will find you lovable. If you hate yourself, others will avoid you. So take time to enjoy your own world.


Live and breathe compassion. And remember what God said to me when I first tackled that demon.

“ You don’t have to die to go into the Light.”

You can be in and reflect the Light of God every single day of your life. Light up your soul with Love.


Have a great day!
Blessings to you and yours,
Hedgewytch Lynne

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Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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