What is Hedgewytchery?


What is Hedgewytchery?


When I see the term ‘Witch’ in print and hear that certain people refer to themselves as a ‘Witch’, I tend to think ‘religion’ in my mind—though that might not be true for everyone. When I hear the word Hedgewitch, or Hedgewytch as I like to spell it, I think lifestyle. You can be a Hedgewytch and be any religion. But a Witch, which is definitely a modern term as far as religion is concerned, has a specific religious practice that they follow.

So what is Hedgewytchery?

I read a definition years ago, which defined the term as a person who keeps one foot on either side of the hedge i.e. one foot in reality and the material world, and one foot in the heavenly or spiritual world. Others define it as the person who lived on the other side of the hedges which surrounded certain villages of yore.


Their home may have been a very rustic cottage, surrounded by herb gardens of medicinal plants and they may have had a few cats who kept the mice population down and a dog or two to guard the place. That individual would have been a little different in that they thought it was normal to say good morning to their animals and hug their trees. They might have been more educated than the average citizen. They were the one you went to for help with your animals, your health or your family’s health, or your concerns about more heavenly matters, part priest or priestess and part healer. For thousands of years ago, doctors were individuals who had learned about the healing arts from other healers, and a spiritual guide would have learned from another of the same kind; much as is done today but without the diploma on the wall.


As the years have gone on, that person has been called a Witch, or ‘wise one’, but it has garnered a very negative connotation mainly by Christians and the western world. As other peoples have translated their references to similar types of traditional practitioners, they too have used the term ‘witch’. And as the Christian and other patriarchal religions displaced those more traditional, ancient, often goddess-oriented faiths, those who leaned toward female deities were deemed to be those bad ‘witches’. Well, you couldn’t have a bunch of women—now deemed as chattels, possessions, second class citizens or not even that—running around with more knowledge or power than the men had, could you?


They were described as being dressed in dark clothing and often wearing pointy hats—connecting them to the dark arts and hell–made to look as ugly as possible or as sensuous as possible—one to scare and one to seduce—and outlined as those who could magically turn anyone who crossed them into a small amphibian, or literally kill them. They were condemned to be the epitome of evil.


While I don’t call myself a ‘witch’—though my husband does sometimes, lol—I do term myself as a Hedgewytch, the more traditional word for healer and spiritual guide. I have studied plants and herbs and their healing properties, much like a naturopath would do. I talk to animals and they talk to me; but anyone can do that if they spend enough time with them. Certainly any farmer or vet. I talk to God and God talks to me. But aren’t all Christians and religious believers supposed to do that? Do I know it’s God I’m talking to? Oh yes. That’s pretty obvious. No one tells me to kill or cheat or destroy and they often build me up and help me help myself and others. God has even saved my life. The Holy Spirit, or Paramatma as the Vedas term it, is available for all of us.

I have learned a number of healing arts and can lay my hands on any living being and channel healing into them, just as the elders of the church are supposed to do as outlined in the Bible. I just have a few more skills in that field and so I’m not just using faith alone.


I have a lot of crystals and I use them to heal and charge energy into people and places. Anyone who knows anything about physics knows that crystals vibrate at a certain energy frequency and basic physics tells you if you introduce a strong energy frequency into a weak one, the weaker field will pull itself up to the stronger one.


My father-in-law was a minister for sixty years. But when he was a youngster, he went out to the fields near his house, collected crystals and built himself a radio. Would that make him a witch? Well, in the old days yes. But thankfully in his own time, it just made him appear very very clever.


I have worked at being very sensitive and have honed my intuitive skills to the point where, when the telephone rings, 90% of the time, I can figure out who is calling before I answer. But lots of people can do that; they say it’s using their ‘gut instincts’ or their intuition.

I feel what others feel, their pain and joy. I am an empath; that’s a step up from being sympathetic. When you feel sympathy, you understand another’s feelings. When you are empathetic, you actually feel their pain and sorrow in your own body. That’s different and more powerful. But many people can do that. The Christians who experienced stigmata were empaths. They felt and literally experienced the horrors which Jesus did. Most migraine sufferers feel earth weather changes. That is simply empathy for the earth.


So how does a Hedgewytch differ from someone described as a prophet, or an elder laying on hands, or a naturopath, or a minister of a church, or just someone’s mother who senses when their son or daughter is phoning? Well, they don’t differ at all, really, except they don’t have the recognized diploma of those who are in power. They don’t have the appropriate stamp of approval of the religion or healing school of the state.

But they aren’t really any different from the practitioners within the city limits. They often run on deep instincts. They talk to the Godhead and hear Their voice very clearly in their ear. For you Orthodox Bible believers, remember in Genesis, God created man and woman in Their image, not His image, so try not to get your knickers in a knot when it is said that God is also female. The Bible and every other set of scriptures says that too.


Being a Hedgewytch means being intuitive and spiritual and helpful in anyway I can. If everyone on this planet learned a little more about healing naturally, talking to The Godhead and listening to their own ‘gut instincts’, the world might be a nicer, kinder place.

So I would encourage you to spend some time on the other side of the ‘hedge’ today, and learn a little more about the world you live in, how to keep it healthy, and the Godhead who created it and you. It just might improve your life.

Blessed Be,
Hedgewytch Lynne

About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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