Garden Towers



We have a small garden space where we live. We actually reside in a one bedroom apartment with a porch at the second storey level. It has a magnificent north view of the mountains so it’s really nice.


But our gardening space is limited and as a person who needs her plants and fairies around her, I have strived to make it attractive and functional.

With the price of vegetables and fruits going up everyday, I have also recently been exploring the idea of garden towers. They look really cool and seem like they would do the job in a very small space.
So I just spent a few hours watching videos and checking out links for garden towers and of course, organic, non-gmo heirloom seeds and plants, which is what you will want to use in your tower.
Purchasing a garden tower can run into some serious cash. I noticed that several people have created their own and so I was intrigued at the idea. I have a very handy builder husband. I’m strictly the philosopher type. ;0)
I thought you might want to see some of these videos and sites for yourself and consider using these techniques to grow food to feed your families, whether you live on a farm, a spouse with a city lot, or a small apartment. You can do this in a small space and I bet, you could even put one of these garden towers inside if you had the proper light. Lots of “food for thought” pardon the pun.
So here’s some links to these so you can start your research.


It’s pretty obvious to me that with some time and patience and a little cash you can make your own versions of the manufactured ones. They look great and are certainly drool worthy, but where money is involved you can get very clever and build your own.
Good luck and let us know what you create. I would love to share the results.
Happy gardening,
The Hedgewytch



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