Finding Your Totem Animal of the West


During the last two blog postings, we have discussed two of the nine totem animal guides who are available to every individual. Number three on our list, is the Animal Guardian of the West.

When we explored the West Wind of the Medicine Wheel, we learned it was the place of home and family. Most animals we find in the West Wind are den animals but that does not mean your personal West totem guardian will be.

The West Totem Animal is an entity who will lead you to your own personal truths. Every one of us has a personal moral code; a code, which if violated, will cause us great internal upset. Not all individuals live by the same code of ethics and so it is certainly important to reside in a home or family where the code of behaviour, truth, or morality is consistent.

The West Guardian will also help you find inner answers when you seek internal knowledge and wisdom. It is a link to the God aspect—Holy Spirit or Paramatma—which resides in every living creature’s heart. This being will show you the most direct route to your goals, minus the clutter that a human mind is capable of creating for itself.

As we have done in the last two blogs, we will do a meditation to determine and meet our West Totem Animal.

           There are a couple of things we should remember first:

1)    The animal may be a four-legged creature, mammal, aquatic, bird, reptile or insect. So don’t argue with what presents itself. Accept it and we will figure out its characteristics later.

2)    Turn off all media which may interfere with your concentration or cause a distraction i.e. if you have critters or kids perhaps get someone to watch them while you take a little break.


So let’s start.

1)    Sit or lie in a comfortable place. Close your eyes.

2)    Take a few deep breaths and go through your body systematically from your feet to the top of your head, relaxing every part of your body.

3)    Imagine a pair of grounding rods extending from the bottom of your feet into the centre of the Earth.

4)    Now visualize a ball of white light at the bottom of your feet. Draw the light up your legs, through them and gradually fill your whole body until the light pours out the top of your head into a fountain of white brightness all around you.

5)    Let everything go. Clear your mind.

6)    Look ahead through your third eye. It is autumn. The air is crisp and cool. Coloured autumn leaves are everywhere around you. There is a beautiful forest of coloured trees ahead of you.

7)    A path to enter the forest is directly in front of you. Walk along the path. Everything is quiet except for the sound of leaves falling gently onto the ground around you.

8)    Walk for awhile through the forest until a small old stone building appears in front of you. It has a sod roof and small windows through which light appears.

9)    Approach the ancient door and note its appearance. A key to the door is in your hand. Unlock and open the door.

10) Go inside. There is a fireplace in which a warm, cozy fire is burning.

11) There is a comfortable chair near the fire. Sit down.

12) Relax into the chair and close your internal eyes. Speak these words out loud within your vision. “I request that you appear to me, Inner Guide of my heart’s truths.”

13) Now within your meditation open your internal eyes and look at the space across from you. A creature will begin to appear in front of you. It may be a four-legged, an aquatic, insect, or winged one.

14) Allow it to fully appear. It may sometimes move in and out of a human shape. Do not have any expectations.

15) When the animal has fully manifested, you may ask it any questions you have prepared. Remember the answers or take a moment to record them. With practise you can move in and out of a meditative trance state.

16) You may also ask it for a personal message at this time.

17) This location and this totem animal will always be available for you to consult even during a busy day. You can simply close your eyes, visualize the scene and your totem animal, and request guidance.

18) It is time to leave. Bid your guide farewell and gratitude for their advice and information. You will find a gift in your hand to give them. It is not necessary for them to leave before you do.

19) Leave by the door, lock it behind you and walk back down the path to the edge of the autumn forest.

20) Note the scene in front of you.

21) Now take a deep breath. Find yourself back in your room in your own body.

22) Bring the white light back down through your body and into the ball of light at the base of your feet.

23) Release the grounding rods from the Earth’s core.

24) Take another deep breath. Wiggle your fingers and toes and open your eyes.

25) Record your meditation.


Remember to consult the various links provided in the South Totem Animal post to give you more information on the various creatures who have shown up in your meditations.

Watch for the West Totem Animal to show up in various ways during your day. Symbols or pictures representing the creature may help remind you of their purpose in your life.

More next time. Until then, may the Goddess and God bless you abundantly.

Hedgewytch Lynne



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