Finding Your South Totem Animal


In the last post, we discussed finding our nine Totem Animals, or Guardian Animal Spirits. Please go back and refer to that post again to refresh your memory. I had a few computer problems and so this article was unfortunately delayed.

            Today we will talk about how to find the Totem Animal Guide of our South direction and why this is important.

            Totem Animal Guides represent the “Medicine” that a person bears with them during their time on Earth. These animals represent power and the talents or gifts of an individual.

            As explained before, every person has seven directions around them at all times: the four compass directions, plus above, below and within. The other two Totem Animals walk on our right and left sides and can be said to represent our masculine and feminine aspects.

            The South Totem Animal protects our inner child. Its goal is to help us maintain innocence in our personality—certainly a very important characteristic to hang onto in our crazy dysfunctional world. It is an animal which will show up in our day when we need to be humble and learn to trust.

            The South Wind of the Medicine Wheel represents our day to day walk through life as well as many other things, so when we apply this Totem Animal meaning to our day to day walk, it represents the idea of maintaining innocence and humility as we journey daily in life. Keeping an eye out for this animal, once we have discovered who it is, will signal to us that it’s time to relax a bit, trust and allow, rather than pushing and trying to control. It suggests a time to let go and let God and Goddess, trusting that They are in control and knowing the Godhead always has the best in mind for us. They are our healers and well-wishers not our tormentors. There are dark spirits who do those things.

            Just as we performed a meditation to find our East Totem Animal, it is time to do the same for the South.

            There are a couple of things we should remember first:

1)    The animal may be a four-legged creature, mammal, aquatic, bird, reptile or insect. So don’t argue with what presents itself. Accept it and we will figure out its characteristics later.

2)    Turn off all media which may interfere with your concentration or cause a distraction i.e. if you have critters or kids perhaps get someone to watch them while you take a little break.


So let’s start.

1)    Sit or lie in a comfortable place. Close your eyes.

2)    Take a few deep breaths and go through your body systematically from your feet to the top of your head, relaxing every part of your body.

3)    Imagine a pair of grounding rods extending from the bottom of your feet into the centre of the Earth.

4)    Now visualize a ball of white light at the bottom of your feet. Draw the light up your legs, through them and gradually filling your whole body until the light pours out the top of your head into a fountain of white brightness all around you.

5)    Let everything go. Clear your mind.


6)    Imagine yourself on the top of a large mesa as in the south west United States. It is warm and bright and the sun is directly overhead. It is the middle of the day. You feel relaxed and comfortable. The ground beneath and around you is covered with reddish small rocks and dirt. The elevation is not un-nerving to you even if heights normally bother you.

7)    You become aware of someone beside you. You turn and look and realize that you as a young innocent child are standing beside yourself of the present.

8)    Take note of this child’s appearance, what it is wearing and its age.

9)    Now turn and face your younger self directly. Continue to stare at their face and body. Be aware of another shape beginning to wrap itself around your younger self and becoming like an armor enclosing the innocent one.

10) As it fully covers the child, be aware that this armor is in fact a living being, the Totem Animal of your South direction whom you wish to meet.

11) Do not be afraid as this being materializes, this entity is one of your protectors. It is a powerful creature sent to keep you safe and living your life with humility and as negative karma-free as possible.

12) You may ask this being any questions that come immediately to your mind or you have prepared beforehand. The answers may come in the form of words, feelings, pictures, movies etc.

13) Reach out and touch the protective entity and allow yourself to feel its spirit and energy. Take some time to get to know it and find out more about its purpose where you are concerned.

14) You may ask this Animal Spirit for a gift. You will find a present in your hand to give it in return.

15) Now bid goodbye to your South Totem Animal. As you watch, it will dissolve around your child-self and then your child-self will also dissolve in front of you as well.

16) Take a moment to view your surroundings once again and take note of any changes.

17) Find yourself back in your room in your own body. Take a deep breath. Be aware of your body. Take a few more deep breaths.

18) Bring the white light back down through your body and into the ball of light at the base of your feet.

19) Release the grounding rods from the Earth’s core.

20) Take another deep breath. Wiggle your fingers and toes and open your eyes.


Now it’s time to write down all that you can remember of the meditation and what happened. Be aware in your day-to-day life of the appearance of hints of your South Totem Animal in any aspect. You may wish to obtain physical objects which can remind you of the entity. Please avoid obtaining objects which would involve the death of a Totem Animal.

You may write to me if you have any questions or concerns at and I will try to answer you as soon as possible.

The following sites may assist and help you to interpret some of the animal meanings.






Many Blessings to you all.

Hedgewytch Lynne


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