Balancing Your System With Your Totem Animals: Part One


Part One: Finding Your East Totem Animal Guide

             Human beings are part of the population of the planet. They make up a very small percentage of the species walking, crawling, flying, swimming and simply existing on the Earth. Within every living creature is an invisible (not able to be seen with the naked eye) soul, composed of purely spiritual matter, and, believe it or not, the physical bodies of those living beings, which appear to be solid, are in fact composed also of spiritual energy which is vibrating at a much slower speed and thus appears to be solid.

            As life happens around and to us, we can often find ourselves feeling off-balance. That out-of-balance problem can manifest on any of our body’s levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

            The Ancient Ones of our planet understood that one of the best ways to re-establish balance in any of our bodies is through sound. Sound interacts powerfully at the atomic level and can stabilize vibrational frequencies which have slipped off track.

            Just as the Godhead created everything through sound, we can seek sound to re-boot our inner computers. The Vedas of India have specific mantras useful for those purposes, but other Peoples also use sound energies which are just as effective.

            The Medicine Wheel teaches that all humans have Nine different Animal Spirit Guides or Totems available to lend power to us in any given situation.

            Animal Spirit Guides are there to act as teachers or archetypes of behaviour, to give their power to us, and also lend their unique sound to heal and strengthen the parts of us needing help.

            All of us have Seven directions around us including East, South, West, North (as we move around the Wheel of Life and as the Sun moves through the day) plus Above, Below and Within. Within not only fills us, but is representative of all that is around us. It is our Godhead representative. Our Watcher. The Way the Godhead or Great Mystery presents itself to us.

            The last two Totem Animals walk beside us, one on our right and one on our left. They often have been showing up in our lives for years. I have learned to associate them with the two faces of our sexuality, the male and the female. The right side represents the masculine and the left, the feminine.


            For years, Dogs have presented themselves to me. From the time I was really little, dogs have come into my life, sometimes for just an afternoon, but always having a very specific effect upon me.

            When I grew up, I realized I needed a dog walking beside me in the physical to feel balance, and so I got a dog and have had a few over the years. I can’t seem to go more than nine months without one.

            The other being who drops in regularly is Hawk. Hawk drops feathers in front of my car when I am driving along. I can find them everywhere. Hawk calls me from above and warns me of danger, plus shows up in the most sacred of places to sing to me, often several at a time. They seem to come representing the deepest aspect of creation and spiritual intuition.

            Many years ago, when I asked who were the totem animals walking beside me everyday of my life, Dog appeared on my right, my masculine side, and Hawk on my left, my feminine side.

            To determine your totem animals, you can obtain a deck of Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson from the Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through The Ways of Animals by Jamie Sams and David Carson, illustrated by Angela C. Werneke and published by Bear and Company of Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1988. ISBN 0-929680-53-X

            If you are unable to obtain a deck, you can go on a meditation to determine your totem animals. Here is one which I have used many times over the years. Read this meditation over, memorize it and try it yourself. You will need a quiet space. Turn off all media.



1)    Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

2)    Go through your body and relax every part from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. Keep concentrating on your breathing taking slow, deep breaths.

3)    Visualize a pair of grounding rods projecting from the bottom of your feet and going deep into the Earth.

4)    Imagine a white light at the bottom of your feet and draw the light up through your body until it bursts out of the top of your head like a fountain all around you.

5)    Now see yourself in a field of wildflowers at Dawn. The Sun is just beginning to come up and you can feel the difference between the Air and the Earth.

6)    Relax and inhale the fragrance of nature. See flowers all around you and look to the East at the rising Sun. Ask the Sun to show you your Totem Animal—a mammal, bird, reptile, insect, or aquatic—which will lend you its power in the East, the place of new life, creativity, birth and re-birth, Dawn and Spring.

7)    Ask that animal to come to you and show you how it can help you. Hear its sound, touch its skin and feel its essence beside you.

8)    Now, allow yourself to merge into its body and spend some time seeing life through its eyes, experiencing the planet as it does. Feel and hear it make its sound.

9)    Now retreat from its body and return to your own in the field. Thank the Totem animal for its help. It may wish to give you a gift and so reach out your hand and accept whatever it may offer you. You will find tobacco, corn meal or small blue seed beads in your hand, to offer in exchange and appreciation.

10) Bid your new friend goodbye. Take note of any changes in the field around you.

11) Take a deep breath and bring yourself back to the room. Take several deep breaths. Bring the white light back down through your body and into the earth.

12) Wiggle your fingers and toes. Open your eyes. Write down everything you can remember.

           Now you have your East Totem Animal. It is time to learn everything you can about it and take note of its appearance in your day and world. You may wish to get pictures of it, jewellery or clothing with its image. Bring it into your life. Your East Animal Totem Guide is the one you call upon when beginning anything new. It is your helper for starting fresh.

           Very important: It’s sound, cry or song will help to balance your second chakra, your chakra of creativity, your birth chakra, when it is off-balance. It is a personal mantra for you. You may wish to imitate the sound yourself, get recordings of it to relax to or learn to hear the sound with your inner ear. Whatever method you choose will be beneficial to balancing your system.

           If you have any questions, please leave comments for me. I read them first before I approve them and so if you have a private message, you may use the form below and I can get back to you if you wish more personal information.

           We will be continuing with this topic, working our way through all Nine Totem Animals and learning more as we go along.

            I hope you enjoy this exercise.


Hedgewytch Lynne




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2 Responses to Balancing Your System With Your Totem Animals: Part One

  1. Heather says:

    I use a system that identifies a totem animal for each chakra … agree that it’s a really useful process. It’s funny you mention wearing clothes with the totem animal’s image … I do exactly that with my second chakra leopard on a regular basis 🙂 This is a collage of all my totem animals:

    • V.L.M. says:

      That looks like a fun collection of critters! I will be addressing more aspects of the traditional totem pole guides in the next post plus the name of a book which can help you interpret the lessons of some of the more exotic animals you have gathered in your collage. Glad you popped by! Please share this site with your friends. Blessings, HL

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