Teachings of the Medicine Wheel: Part Three


The Four Winds:


East: The East Wind is also known as the path of pleasure. It’s a high energy wind and the people who identify the most with it are high energy people, very creative and full of vision and intuition. They are the leaders and performers, and those who strive to help change the world. Their season would be the spring, their time of day—the dawn, and colour would be yellow. They are emotional and enthusiastic and love applause. When they are stressed they go on the attack.

            I remember my mother always saying to me, “Get off your soapbox, Lynne!” Now when I think about that, I can laugh because I was probably just in training for my future as a teacher and writer. You can’t give opinions and instruct unless you have opinions and knowledge. That’s just the way things are.

            It also made me feel so much better when I saw that East Winds love to dance and crave applause. Suddenly, I felt it was okay to be me; okay to want to hear the hands clapping and the sound of approval and to get up on the stage.


South: The South Wind path is also called the path of duty. South Winds like to do things by the book and are more thing-oriented than people-oriented. They like research and sticking to the rules. Their season is the summer, their colour would be green (note: not all nations use the same colours on the Wheel), and they like to live in the here-and-now. They prefer to keep serene and cool. They are slow to react and cautious, and their perspective is more down to earth with less transpersonal vision. They are very organized and prefer to remain aloof from stress, thus often taking the path of avoiding stress rather than getting involved.


West: The West Wind is also called the path of service. So many great mothers fall into this Wind; those who love their family life and their home and hearth. They watch over others and take care of them, preferring to be the background support rather than the leader.  Their season is the fall, their colour—the red of autumn leaves—their animals, the den animals like bears and wolves. When under stress, they will often just give in rather than trying to deal with things and that can be one of their greatest troubles because in the act of pleasing and agreeing with others, they often do not take care of their own desires and needs.


North: The North Wind is also called the path of success. The North Winds are where we find our great wise teachers. The White Buffalo is found in the North. They seek spirituality and understand power and control. Their season is the winter when conditions have to be overcome. Their colour—the white of snow and the hair of the elders. When stressed, they can become dictators.


            To learn so much more about these Winds and how your personality fits into this teaching, you can obtain a copy of Donato’s book at the following link.


 Blessed Be,

Hedgewytch Lynne


About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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