Teachings from The Medicine Wheel: Introduction


            About thirty years ago when I lived back in southern Ontario, I used to hang out at a place called Heartland. It no longer exists but it was at this wonderful centre where I met Suzanne Nadon and Donato Cianci, the authors of Walking the Medicine Wheel Path in Daylight. It was an experience that would change my life.

            The contained knowledge was presented to us as a workshop and everyone got a chance to learn about it and buy the book. What I heard stopped me in my tracks and gave me the opportunity to completely change my life, going from a path that had been forwarded and pushed onto me by others, to a path of my own choosing; a path of my soul’s beginning gift.

            I wish my parents had read this book when I was young. I wish they had taught me these things because I would have grown up completely differently, not really externally in what I did, but internally in why I was doing the things I chose to do. I found the knowledge gave me a sense of validation and understanding to be who I was meant to be and shine as I never shone before.

            Every once in a while I wander away from the teachings and find myself a bit sidetracked or off balance, but when I return to the teachings of the Good Red Road, my life gets right back on course immediately.  http://www.donatopoetry.com/redroad.html

            The Wind Trail teachings of the Medicine Wheel, or the Red Road Religion of the First Nations, teaches us that there are Four Winds which offer us information on people’s habits and behaviours. These behaviours are linked to those of various animals, whether winged, four-legged, insect or water creatures. When we are born, each one of us is unique and gifted with tendencies to behave in certain ways.

            Some of us are attracted to tasks and we prefer to interact with others in relationship to those tasks. The Winds of the North and South have those characteristics.

            Some prefer people and like to be involved with others, helping them or teaching them but always being happier when interacting with living beings rather than just inanimate objects. The East and West winds have those characteristics.

            Each Wind has a very distinctive behavioural path and way of being that if understood can open up endless possibilities in a person’s life. When we learn all the winds and their characteristics, likes, dislikes, stresses and de-stresses, rewards and expectations, we can learn to interact with others in more positive and rewarding ways.

            Over the next few weeks, I will explore the teachings of the Medicine Wheel and share some of the ways it has improved my life.

            Here are links to Donato’s website and blog. The purchase links don’t work and so I am waiting a response from him re where to order the books.


Website: http://www.donatopoetry.com/index.php

Blog: http://www.juliodonatoshabitat.blogspot.ca/

Youtube links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fP-N4UgVTI



Blessed be,

Hedgewytch Lynne


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3 Responses to Teachings from The Medicine Wheel: Introduction

  1. I use ancient writings for my own direction too, if more people took to read the wisdom as laid down by our ancestors, we would have a happier and more harmonious world to live in 🙂

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