The Seven Sisters


The Seven Sisters

by V.L.Murray

I wonder how you came

To be.

Was it an accident you grew

This way?

Or did the great

Creator Mother

Reach down her hand and

Gently ~

Place you there?


I noticed you


When we first moved in.

Seven trees, in a

Tiny circle,

Only a few feet of space

To stand within.


One of you is smaller,

Perhaps the teenage


Of the rest.

Two of you are

Siamese twins,

Joined at the hip

Throughout eternity.

And the rest ~

Of varying years and

Size, but all

Of common bond.


It was my friend

Two Bears, years ago,

Who taught me

What you mean’t.

Seven trees in a circle:

A woman’s circle,

A place to go for

Comfort and

Balance, for

Strength, and sometimes ~

Just peace.


When I am within you,

The world stands


And you and I are



My dog Alice ,would

Drag me through the

Centre of you on

Every walk we took.

My dog Liam,

Stops outside, and

Respectfully ~

Won’t go in.


He was a wild dog,

A Rez Dingo.

He knows the Ways and the

Old Ways.

He waits just outside

For my return,

Nonchalantly looking for

Squirrels to

Drool over.

Lunch on the run to a

Once wild dog.


When I step outside,

Back into this dimension,

He picks up where we

Left off, as if

Nothing much

Had happened.

But I know

Something has, and ~

So does he.


Standing on your carpet of old

Cedar mulch,

Watching a spider

Weave her dreams,

The stars move past

My arms, and the

Moon ~

Smiles, and nods in my face.


The sound is muted

Within your embrace.

There is a puffiness,

A muffling about my


That clears,

 The moment I leave.



The Mother caresses my cheek

With every

Flickering breeze.


The wind runs past my face





I hear your giggles and


As your jokes linger  ~

For eternity.


The highway’s engines

Storm and rush

The road.


In a hundred years

You will seem closer.

In a thousand ~

If you are still alive ~

There may be no room

Allowed, for

My descendents to

Climb within.



We will have lost

Our right

To enter

Your sacred space.


You will have

Reclaimed it


As your own.


I will teach my grand-daughters

About you, and

Instruct them to pass on

The Ways.

I will teach my grandsons

To respect you,


How to wait ~

Just beyond the place

Where you stand.



In the meantime,

Whenever I pass your way,

My dog will sit

And watch for squirrels,

And dream of

Days gone by,

And I will step

Inside your arms,

To touch the

Heaven’s sky.

From the collection:

Travels Through Time

Copyright V.L.Murray

October 23, 2010



About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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