A Message from The Goddess: Consciousness


           Within each of you, is the Soul of God, the Soul of the Spirit, the Mind of God’s Creation. You were constructed in such a way that you can easily tap into the Consciousness of the Godhead, and not just the consciousness of each other. This makes you unique from the animal kingdom, but only slightly.

            Animals also have the representative of the Godhead in their hearts and can tap into the consciousness of all other animals as well as humans, but, they get their instructions from their Managing Spirit or Deva, as it were, who acts as the representative of the Godhead.

           Human Beings can tap into the consciousness of all other living beings and also listen to God who speaks directly to them from their heart. It is up to the human animal to listen to its own Maha Deva—i.e. God, Paramatma or Holy Spirit.

            In that opportunity, lies the difference. The human being can act and behave like God, if he or she wishes to, whereas the animal being can only reach the realms of its own governing spirit, the Deva, who is not the Godhead, but the representative of the Godhead.

            So, it is up to the human animal to decide to link with the mind of the Godhead rather than linking with only that of other humans or animals.

            When a human stands alone, faced with ‘crowd consciousness’ and the mentality that drives one to ‘reaction’ rather than ‘response’, that is when the human needs to listen to the ‘voice within’ who will give the instruction to separate from the herd.

            This is the idea of being ‘true to the self’. The self is a Child of God as defined by the idea of Spirit Child of God. It was God’s own Holy Spirit that ‘enlivened’ you or ‘gave you life’. It is God’s own Holy Spirit that ‘awakens’ you or ‘invigorates your mind’. Without that God Consciousness within, you are nothing more that a ‘group mind’, an ‘animal mind’, which is part of the ‘herd mentality’. You will only react on instinct and survival, and nothing more.

            When the human mind responds—listening to the voice of God within—it will do something that few animals will ever doit will sacrifice itself to save another. That goes against the instincts of many animal beings. Many animals have sacrificed themselves for another creature, especially their own children, because the animals, too, feel love in their hearts, just as human beings do—they are no different from humans in that respectand also because they are listening to their Deva within, who is teaching them the way of God.

            There are cases where animal beings have eaten their own young, that is a reaction or instinct for survival. The Mind of God, which is within the human, will never lead the human to that conclusion—to sacrifice another for their own survival, or to eat their own young. Only the mind of a ‘confuser’ would do that.

           And so you are gifted with a direct link to the mind of the ultimate Creator, the Godhead and you have the ability to easily hear and comprehend that Mind. Instinct is secondary within you. And that is what separates you from the animals and makes you the most beloved of God. 



About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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