A Message From The Goddess: Vegetarianism: The Ideal


There has been a misconception presented in the Bible that it is acceptable to eat animals if one is a human being. That is not in fact true. If one reads the very first chapter of the book of Genesis, one will see that a vegetarian diet is very clearly laid out.

The problem arose as the citizenry became less and less manageable.

In order to call back the Earthlings to the fold, the bar of acceptance required constant lowering. And so covenant after covenant was made and then broken all around the world.

There have been pockets of humanity who have maintained the ideal compassionate diet, and the Godhead is very pleased with their accomplishments. The others still require much honing and tempering to bring them back to understanding that all sentient beings are not suitable for their palates. And all beings are sentient.

There are words in the Bible which have been misconstrued in their translation and in their meaning. Remember the Bible’s Old Testament was often recounting stories about a somewhat nomadic population when some laws were recorded. And when the population is unruly and un-cooperative, you do what you can to win them back.

Most nomadic tribes were meat eaters. Most non-nomadic peoples ate more fruits, vegetables and grains. It was often a simple case of lifestyle.

But today there are little or no excuses for eating a non-vegetarian diet. It is un-necessary, cruel, exploitive, destructive and deadly to both the consumed and the consumer.

Meat eating is an out-moded, out-dated way of life.

It is My desire that all human beings embrace a diet rich in compassion as well as nutrients. When one grows one’s food on the land, not as livestock but as agricultural produce, one replicates the desires of the Creator of all.

As mothers, all women should understand the feelings one has to protect one’s own child. Only a truly cruel being steals, kills and then consumes the child of another.

This is not walking in a Godly way. This is not a compassionate act but a crime most heinous.

This act will never allow the human being to reach the ultimate destiny, the uppermost heavens of the Godhead; for as well as the Earth, there are many lesser heavens and other realms for the endless recycling of souls.

The wheel of endless material life will only cease when the wheel of murder comes to an end.




About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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