In the Beginning…


In the beginning there was the Godhead, and the Godhead was One and Only.

            Then the Godhead divided Itself into Two and there was the God and the Goddess, the Primordial Father and Mother of All.

            Then the God and Goddess united as One and sent forth the energy of Their union and the Spirit of Life was created. And all was neverending, eternal and serene.

            The Primordial Parents sent out the Spirit of Life and created other Beings who were much like Them. And They assigned them tasks. And the World of Spirit was filled with the Light of the Godhead.

            Then The Parents sent the Spirit of Life out in all directions and It was in many places at the same time. And the Spirit of Life slowed Itself down until It became a solid form. And the Material Worlds were created. The Material Beings of the Material Worlds and the Worlds themselves, were all created.

            And Time began. For the Spirit of Life was not comfortable with the restrictions of Stillness and so It would grow tired of the Stillness of the Material Worlds and speed Itself up and then the solidity of the Worlds and Beings would disappear.

            And then Stillness touched Stillness and found that it could replicate. And Material life and Beings covered the Worlds. And the Energy of the Stillness within each Material Being felt Itself to be like the Godhead, in that It could rationalize and love and feel. And so It called Itself a ‘Soul’.

            And the Godhead saw that it was good.

            And then the Replicated Material Beings (RMB’s) started to believe they were responsible for engendering themselves and forgot about the Spirit of Life and the Primordial Parents, and the Godhead became sad and lonely.

            Then one day a RMB looked up at the sky above and began to wonder, and the Spirit of Life, the Living Energy of the Godhead, spoke with the Voice of the Godhead and told the RMB that they needed to remember the Godhead, because one day the RMB’s own Spirit of Life would grow tired of the Stillness in which their soul was contained, and need to speed up. And the RMB’s material form would disappear.

            And the RMB heard the Voice of the Godhead and woke up and started to tell everyone else what they had heard.

            And the RMB called their words ‘prophesy’ and the Godhead saw that it was good.

            And soon many RMB’s began to listen to the Voice of the Godhead, the Spirit of Life that spoke from within, and they too began to hear, and learn, and speak the words of truth. They began to prophesy. And the Godhead saw that it was better.

            And the RMB’s who listened called themselves lightworkers, intuitives, psychics, witches, hedgewytches, soothsayers, oracles and many other names in many other languages. And they all spoke the ‘truths’ of the Godhead, of love, and virtue, compassion and caring, and most of all—remembrance. And the Godhead saw that it was good and They no longer felt sad and lonely.

            And so they created Heavens for the souls of the RMB’s, where they could live with their friends and families when the Spirit of Life speeded up and their bodies vanished but their souls remained.

            And the Godhead, the Primordial Parents, the Goddess and the God, rejoiced and welcomed the souls of the RMB’s to their eternal homes.




Note: This is the story the Goddess related to me. It is beautiful and without complication. Let us allow it to remain as such. There is much to ponder within this story of Creation. Hedgewytch Lynne


About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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2 Responses to In the Beginning…

  1. Lulu says:

    This is so beautiful! On Valentine’s Day I had a dream and in the dream a lady was in a mason jar and she said “her name was Sophia and that if ever needed her to call her”. Sophia told me other things as well about myself. Most of the day I been researching her and then I come across this site. WOW!

    • V.L.M. says:

      Hi Lulu, Sophia is the Hebrew Goddess of Wisdom and the ultimate Goddess in that lineage. She came to me a few years ago and started talking. She’s quite wonderful. I’m glad you enjoyed her post. I expect many more things from her in the future. Have a wonderful day! Blessed Be!

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