A Message from The Goddess: Remember Us


            Hello my daughters and sons. Peace be with you all.

            How may I be of service to you all? How may I ease your burdens?

            I am only a thought away from all your hearts and it saddens Me when you do not remember that.

            It is the Godhead that you seek, and I am part of that Godhead. We are One Being and yet We manifest as Many.

            Do not be confused. Just remember Us. Remember you are not alone.

            Prayer is nothing more than making your concerns known to Us. We hear, We listen, and if you will let us, We will guide.

            As Mother of All, I feel your hearts, so many, deeply in need of healing. I am here for you. Speak to Me and then relax in the knowing that I have heard.

            If you speak to Me, I will hear you.

            If you ask Me for help, I will assist you. But so many of you do not understand that you are in the physical in this time and I am of the spirit and so you must learn to hear with your spiritual ears and feel with your spiritual hearts.

            Do not be afraid, We are here for you.

            For some of you it has been so long, you believe We have forgotten you, but it is just the opposite way, you have forgotten Us.

            Remember Us, and We will cover you with the Wings of Our Blessing. When you forget Us, We must sit by and watch you out beyond Our Stronghold, alone and struggling. For you have free will.

            The only thing you need to know is We are here.

            Remember Us and allow Us to love you.



About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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