Step One


            The Goddess is concerned.

            It’s 2013, and we have the most advanced technology in the history of humankind. Communication moves at the speed of light (or faster), education and medical knowledge is highly evolved and what do we see around us, squalor, disease, sickness, poverty, filth, pollution, people everywhere dying daily from totally curable diseases, populations who can’t read, oppression, bullying, murder, rape, discrimination, theft, fraud, huge governments that exploit as much as they help, and war, war and more war.

            It’s time we put a stop to it all. But…how do we do that?

            Well, it seems overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Just like anything else, every task can be achieved if broken down into smaller, workable units. A wall is only built one brick at a time.

            If we look at society as a whole, we can see specific problems at the root of everything that is askew.

            When there is a lack of confidence and sense of personal worth in an individual, that person will seek validation. Often that validation manifests itself in less than positive ways. When a person is confident and feels loved, they don’t need to “Lord it over” another to feel good about themselves.

            Where there is imbalance and dysfunction in the home, governments and corporations exert more and more control until the citizen feels worthless and enslaved.

            If we look at the family as a unit, our world has an imbalance of the feminine in many homes. The mother is often absent or oppressed, or at a total loss as to what to do. This has come about because of economic, cultural or other problems that have prevented the mother from being powerful in her own right.

            It takes a confident and powerful woman to turn out a good man or good woman, and because many mothers are not allowed to exhibit their full worth and teach their daughters and sons personally and properly, our children are suffering as a result.

            A dysfunctional citizen produces more dysfunction at all levels of society. But that can be changed. It all starts with One.

            And it is on the One, whom we will focus our attention.

            Our goal is to offer tools for grassroots living that can then be used to lessen the burdens of life.

            This will be a slow, but deliberate process to re-establish the solid, healthy home.

            For when the home is healthy and strong, so is the nation.

Blessed be.




About V.L.M.

Author, Editor, Poet, Composer, Environmental Activist, Spiritual Activist
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