A Message from the Goddess



            As some of you know, I have been channeling for many years and have a regular posting for the Holy Spirit whom I refer to as Ben. The Holy Spirit is neither male nor female however, the version who talks to me, always presents Himself as Male.

            Several weeks ago, I was awakened one morning by a very different entity; an entity who seemed very busy and focused on a definite mission. She dictated a piece to me which I will post at another time and followed it shortly with this one, which I see more as a Mission Statement.

            I have been active in the Goddess culture since I was young and was very excited to be contacted by the Goddess Herself and asked to be a voice for Her desires.

            She called Herself, Sophia, and asked that this site be called “The Song of Sophia”. She also taught me an actual song which I wrote down and as soon as I figure out an online program to put it into, I will post it and share.

            In the meantime, Sophia has asked that I relate information, both in messages and also in the form of reviving many things I have known since a young girl, as a lot of this information is on the way to being lost.

            Her desire is to revive this knowledge before it is forgotten.

            To that end, I will do my best to fulfill Her charge.

            I have not checked the information that She gave to me but have simply taken Her word for it. So, if you have an argument with any of the content, you will have to take it up with Sophia Herself.

            It is important to note that Sophia considers Herself to be part of the Godhead, a four part entity, not a three part as many would have us believe. She says there is the Father, Mother, Child and Holy Spirit/Ghost. That makes a lot of sense to me. When I asked her about Jesus, she said He could have just as easily been a daughter if the culture of the time would have allowed it. She also said that His Earth Mother, Mary, was Her daughter. I found that very interesting.

            She is not angry at the God, Her Mate, but concerned about the imbalance caused by men who have propounded the Male God culture to the extreme detriment of the Female culture, and the planet; that is where She directs her concerns. She is very aware that there are many, many men who are balanced individuals who care greatly about women and support them valiantly, so please do not view this piece as a man-hating one. It most certainly is not.

            I found it to be rather thought provoking and informative especially in reference to the African cultures and the results of slavery on the feminine.

            To me, the most beautiful part, was the section I put in italics. “A woman should think like a river…” That literally gave me chills. I am going to print it out and put it on my wall.

            Anyway, I hope you find something to think about in this piece and I hope you will continue to monitor this blog to see what more Sophia and I both can offer.

Thank you.

Hedgewytch Lynne




A Message from the Goddess


            The Goddess culture existed long before the God culture. It was manifested in agricultural societies and evidence of its existence can still be found in certain areas of the world. If you look at Greece, Mesopotamia, Africa, the British Isles, early China, Ancient India, the northeastern United States’ First Nations and the southwestern U.S. First Nations, you will find memories of it in their history.

            Artemis was once a Goddess of medicine, not just the hunt; that was a more masculine cloak that was placed upon her. The most powerful gods in the ancient Mesopotamian region were goddesses. The wars between the cultures of the time eventually eliminated them from memory.

            Many cultures of Africa held the Goddess up as the most potent, but because of slavery, those cultures were eliminated the most quickly, leaving behind only the warrior tribes to survive; hence the imbalance of violence in the modern African world.

            The British Isles earliest times were Goddess laden until the Vikings and other marauding groups stomped through from Europe.

            China was also a land of agriculture, agricultural worship, healing and the feminine. All great societies who turn out the kind of knowledge that the legacy of historic China has produced, bring that forth from the Feminine. For the Feminine is knowledge and culture, as the Indian Goddess Saraswati depicts and the Hebrew Goddess, Sophia.

            Earliest Indian culture was Goddess oriented. The God came, visited, loved, killed demons, and made war, but the Goddess was eternal: Bhumi of the Earth, Yamuna of the River, Ganga Ma, Gayatri, the power, the Creatrix, fortune and prosperity, Laksmi Devi.

            The triple Goddesses of the agricultural tribes of northeastern United States, represented by Corn, Beans and Squash, were the ones who sustained all life. The goddesses of the community—the women elders, the mothers and grandmothers—decided when to allow the gods/men to run rampant and go to war.

            The cultures of the southwestern U.S., the Anastazi, the Navaho, were feminine worlds of harmony, peace, healing and agriculture.

            The Goddess cultures are most representative of the agricultural world and community living. Vegetarianism is a Goddess orientation as women of history grew their food while men went out and killed it. The God culture is and was nomadic and warlike, most often focusing on power. It still strikes, conquers and moves on, like a sun burst or a rocket. But the Goddess, the feminine culture, stays, nurtures, heals, raises children, dances, sings and dreams.

            When cities become full of violence, it is because the Goddess is no longer there. Our modern world has seen this since the industrial revolution. The God cultures think money, conquering, building and magnificence, making an impact on the world, leaving a single legacy behind that will stand forever, as a monument to be admired and respected.

            The Goddess cultures think children, hearth and home, harmony, peace, the care of all, the feeding of all, the healing of all, and time—for all.

            The Goddess culture is supportive. The God culture, at its worst, is invasive.

            Imbalances show up in violence, anger, fear and discontent.

            The Goddess is the field; the God is the seed.

            A woman who is bitter, angry and frustrated, is infected by an imbalanced God culture, She has taught herself to believe that success, supremacy, fame and fortune, celebrity, winning, and making one’s mark are most important. She has taught herself to be a man.

            A woman should think like a river. Her life should flow forth with consistency, nurturing and touching everything she comes in contact with, flowing around the obstacles, gently working at the blockages until they, too, move with her, forward into time, always at peace, always in harmony.

            When imbalances occur and the World exhibits Her distress, the water is the first thing to be affected—as all creation comes first from water—then the Earth Herself with earthquakes and drought, and finally eruptions of anger—with lava and molten rock—come from Her core, as if exploding with distress.

            If we look at the ancient characteristics of a Woman as listed in the Vedas, we will see many, many things which include everything from the art of dance and flower arranging, to engineering.

            Woman is expected to know it all and She has the capacity to do just that. The list of the God’s characteristics found in the Vedas is in the extreme; always the best of everything.

            The Feminine learns the art and experiences it; the Masculine must be its star.

            If balance is to be restored to the planet—our Mother Earth—then the vibrational energy of it must be revived. The laws of physics teaches us that when something’s frequency of vibration is out of balance, one way to restore it is to introduce into its energy field another substance that vibrates at the desired  frequency, and by that act, the imbalanced object will be pulled back to its proper energy levels.

            So, what does that mean?

            It means it is time that Women take back their proper place in society, creating peace. Whether that means running the home, being in it to raise their children—nurtured, loved and cared for by themselves and their own tribe of sisters, mothers, aunts and grandmothers—or working within society to heal, restore and nurture.

            When society is at peace and is in balance, Women who wish to stay home are able to, because society has allowed that to occur.  It is the natural order of things.

            When a community is out of balance, Women are forced into the workplace, because money is the goal, and there is not enough of it to go around necessitating both parents having to work.

            When the economic systems of the world went from basing their economies on gold to the stock market, the world went from the last bastion of the feminine hand within the economy, to a purely masculine one. Women were always the keepers of the wealth; whether it was on their bodies in the form of jewellery or safely secured in their land.

            The God has now taken over every aspect of life on the earth and if the people as a culture, a society, are to survive, the Women, as representatives of the Goddess, need to step up to the plate.

            It’s time to restore balance in hearth and home, seed and harvest, education and success, healing and wholeness, commerce and resources, and communal and inter-communal relations.

            An imbalanced Male culture has done enough damage, it’s time for Women to take back the earth; not just the  night, but the morning, the afternoon, the evening, the dawn and the twilight.

            As Women, reach out and touch the Goddess, united as one, whole in your purpose. Let Women begin the healing with themselves, their families, their homes, and then reach out to their Sisters across the lands and the nations, uniting in a common purpose of love.





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4 Responses to A Message from the Goddess

  1. I’m now not sure the place you’re getting your info, but great topic. I must spend some time studying more or working out more. Thanks for magnificent information I was in search of this info for my mission.

  2. Amber M. says:

    I have been receiving messages from a woman named Sophia for the last couple years. She first came into the realm of my existence through a dream a male friend of mine had. The odd thing about it was my friend and I (both women) had done a Wiccan ritual to bring positive energy into a creative project we were working on the just the night before. At the time, my only contribution to the ritual was dancing feverishly as my friend read the words and lit the candles, used the fire, etc. I woke up to an urgent text mssg and an email mssg on my Facebook from my male friend who had encountered a woman named “Sophia,” who had a mssg for me. I’m only starting to understand parts of it even today. But it did catapult me into studying a lot of the ancient religions such as Gnosticism where I learned even more interesting things. I’m under the impression that I was a Greek Sibyl and, by reconnecting with Sophia, I am to use that talent and develop it to help people once again in this life. I read her words in your blog and the style is just spot-on from my mssgs I’ve received. Thank you, once again, for posting this. I find it so uncanny that this is posted in the beginning of 2013, directly following the shift. I look forward to reading more.

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