Doing Your Part

Doing Your Part

I was shocked to read that the common seagull is on the endangered species list. Wow! Where I grew up in Ontario on the lake, seagulls flew over our house in huge flocks almost daily. It was normal to see them all over the park across from where I lived. Endangered? WTF?!

If you look at any of these videos about the oceans, you will see that there are islands in the ocean covered with dead seabirds and fish. They are dead because they are full of plastic, lead sinkers from fishermen, rubber bands, hooks, bottle caps, and all sorts of plastic and coloured parts from every possible human invention that has been dumped into the sea. You thought global warming was going to kill you? Guess again!

This is an endless horror story which I’m not sure we can escape from. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty freaked out about it. But, because I’m also a Capricorn, my soul immediately springs into action and starts thinking of ways to fix this.

I think the first thing is to make sure that not only cities, but any ocean liners or other sea-going vessels are not dumping any more of their garbage or waste into the sea. This article which came out in 2017 suggests the Cruise ships are cleaning up their act, but in 2016 in December one such vessel was fined a whopping 40 million dollars for doing that very thing.

This article discusses the realities of cruise ships which take the same routes every year and pollute the same waters constantly. While the telegraph article writer is sure they are dumping pristine sewage into the sees, the energy skeptic says don’t get fooled. I tend to go along with the energy skeptic. I’ve seen these ships and I know what they are talking about. We were full-time RVers for years. I know what wastewater and blackwater contain. I also know that the black water, no matter how you clean and treat it, is still black water. And the difference in dumping the blackwater from a village in a sea is unreal compared to the outflow from a two-person RV.
Can you say, “Holy Hazmat Suit, Batman!”

If you think I’m exaggerating, check this out.

So what can we do?
1) Write your government officials and ask them what’s going on to protect our oceans from hazardous waste from any seagoing vessels, and to not dump the city garbage into the rivers, lakes, streams or oceans.
2) Write all the cruise lines and ask them to make sure they aren’t polluting the seas. Suggest compostable toilets instead of water toilets. If enough people write, things change. Create one letter and send it out to everyone. Oh, and, a hard copy letter has more effect than an email, though emails work. So do whatever is best for you, but hard copy letters pouring in through the front door and piled on desks, are hard to ignore. You can always just turn off the computer.

3) I tell you these indigo babies blow me a way. Here’s another brilliant youngster who is probably going to help us save the world. He and his people have come up with very workable solutions. Another pair of Aussies have done a similar thing on a smaller level. I applaud these fellows and their inventions. You can follow and invest in and volunteer etc by connecting at or

4) This is one of my favourite things. This Japanese inventor created a device which converts oil based products back into oil which can be used then as biodiesel. I think city and every community should have one. Plastics recycling should mean back to oil for biodiesel. What a difference that would make. You can get your own. Here’s some links.
Tell your government or city about these and write lots of letters till out convince them this is the better way!

5) Start roaming the beaches in your area and pick up all garbage, especially fish hooks, fishing line, lead weights, plastic and non-plastic bottle caps etc. Anything shiny or small that a bird or fish might ingest. Post signs that ask fishermen not to use lead weights. Not only is the lead killing the sea water and fish, it’s killing the birds who prey on the fish, like eagles.

6) Post signs asking the fishermen to not drop any fishing lines or hooks. To be meticulous about removing their toxic, life-threatening garbage and don’t leave a fish with a hook in it. They get stuck in the birds of prey and threaten their lives too.

7) Don’t use plastic if at all possible. Just stop.

8) Don’t patronize any cruise ships who dump waste into the sea. Don’t patronize businesses who aren’t environmentally protective. Put your money where your mouth is.

Make the decision to do one thing a week to change the planet, to change your world. To save our Mother Earth.

Start with plastic. Stop using it! Tell others! Write letters! Promote clean-up! Promote fisherman proactivity! Post signs! Get a plastic to oil machine for your house, community, apartment building, townhouse complex, city, province, state, country!

Inform! Be proactive! Save the world! Save your future!

Thank you!


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The Celebration of Ostara



Yesterday was the first day of spring and the celebration of the old Germanic Goddess Ostara. She was called Eostre in Old English and the early, pre-Christian Anglo-Saxons celebrated her during the month of April. She represents fertility and the return of light in what has been a world of darkness. She is represented by fertility symbols like eggs and rabbits, flowers and seeds, and the return of fertility to the earth.

Earth Religions celebrate Ostara in many ways including honouring the coming of Spring with feasting and festivals. Baskets of coloured eggs are symbols of fertility returning. Modern times celebrate with baskets of candy eggs and symbolic chocolate Easter bunnies. Altars can be decorated with colourful flowers and symbols of yin and yang which show the equal balance of life. Ostara or Eostre is the time when night and day are finally equal again as the sun continues to move north in its seasonal journey.

For some Earth Religion practitioners, Ostara represents the Spring Maiden whom the Horned God courts and then impregnates with new life. There are many traditions which celebrate the coming of Spring from Hindus with Holi, a festival where coloured powder is thrown on the participants, to the Jewish Purim, which celebrates the saving of the Jewish people by Esther. You can read the story in the book of Esther in the Bible. There is also the celebration by the Sikhs of Hola Mohalla, which was started to celebrate the martial art skills of the Sikh peoples, and the celebration of the resurrection of the Christian Saviour, Jesus, after his crucifixion.

Most Earth and Tribal religions practised some kind of honouring of Spring and the coming of warmth, light, and the time to start thinking about planting crops. When you read many of the traditions you will see how some have blended into others as the years have gone on.

Hedgewytches celebrate the coming of Spring in many ways including getting together with friends to honour the event and beginning the process of cleaning house, getting the garden ready, buying seeds, decorating for spring and shaking off the cold and gloom of winter.

Ostara represents the Goddess in Her form of the Maiden, when she is young and beautiful, full of energy and vigour, and ready to create new life on our planet.

As we celebrate this time, bring newness and freshness to both your home and your heart. Seek to bring fresh perspective to your relationships with friends and family. Go through the old and get rid of things you don’t need. Let the Goddess guide you with wisdom and love, and help you find your way forward into a new and exciting year, where endless possibilities abound.

So, Happy Ostara to you all!

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New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

New Year’s Resolutions for 2017


I rarely make any kind of resolutions in the New Year, since I have been known to forget to do them pretty quickly after the event. I think most people are like that. So why bother, eh?

But I was thinking that maybe this year, it would be a good idea. And this time I will write them down.

I get all sorts of self-help and spiritual development emails on a daily basis. Some are more into gaining wealth and I often just trash them, but some have really good ideas in them. More than one, this month, has talked about setting incremental goals for ourselves, as a better way to achieve success. And I think it’s a really good idea.

Too often we make lists which are almost impossible to achieve. I don’t know about you, but I do that all the time. It’s not good either, cause I rarely accomplish anything on my list then.

I’ve had a rotten cold for about a week now and have achieved pretty much zero goals this week except blog postings—which can be done on an iPad while lying in bed. (Thank you Zara for the iPad. 😘😘)
I’ve had a Christmas present wrapped and ready to go—except for the address part—sitting on the table for a week.( yes I know Christmas is over. Sigh.) So my goal today, using the step-by-step approach will be to just find the address of my friend in my emails, write it down and put it on the box.

That may sound pretty pathetic, but believe me I am pretty pathetic right now. Actually there are days and even weeks which go by where I feel like I have accomplished zip. So the idea of teeny tiny steps might just work for me.

It’s like cleaning the fridge. You open the door, the smell hits you, and you shut the door. Nothing else happens. Now using the step-by-step incremental success approach, you open the door, look at the top shelf, empty the stuff onto the counter, spray it down and wash it and scrape off whatever is growing in there and then wipe the jars as you put them back, while using an element of discernment as to whether the colour in the jar is natural or means something other than apple jelly is growing in there. Then you close the fridge door and the next day, you do another shelf. Before your next birthday, the fridge should be smelling good and looking clean.

I think I can work with this system.

So I’m going to use the A.A. approach on this New Year’s Resolutions.
Just for today, I will not yell at my husband when I find the chair dragged out from the table, his clothes strewn about the floor and his dishes hither and yon throughout the house. Today, I will simply push in the chair, and smile to myself. Then later, if I feel like it, I will ask him politely to remember to push the chair back where it goes when he leaves the table so it doesn’t look so messy. I will gently request he gather his dishes and put them in the dishwasher and I will save any desire to scream until tomorrow. His clothes—well he may notice if the pile grows and he runs out of clean ones.
I can work with that. No yelling until tomorrow. The step-by-step approach. Everything in incremental stages. Just for today….


I’m also setting my goal of finishing my books in small steps. I will make an enormous list of tiny things, which when I check them off will make me feel like a super-hero! Things like: 1) find the book on your computer. 2) open it up. 3) re-read the last chapter you wrote 4) get a tea 5) assess the plot and where it’s heading ( that one could take awhile) 6) write 100 words. 7) take a nap.

See what I mean? If I make that list, I can check off four things before I do “sweet bugger all” and I will feel like a genius.

Yes, I can do this. This year, I will be very successful in my Resolutions.
But first I have to live through today.
So my list for the next hour or so is: 1) get a hankie and blow my nose 2) take more drugs 3) make another herbal tea 4) drink it before it gets cold 5) make another piece of toast 6) eat it…don’t forget the butter 7) go back to sleep. And oh yes, (8) publish this post.

I’m hoping the hubby will channel his inner Motherly Goddess a little more today and remember to make sure I’m alive by checking on me every hour or so. As opposed to yesterday. He was more into channeling his inner Flyboy and computer guy.

Anyway, if you have made some resolutions and want to be successful this year, write them down and then break each one down further into little tiny easy-to-do parts. That way you will have a fighting chance!


May the Source be with you!
May the Goddess give you love!

Happy New Year!
Hedgewytch Lynne

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Sorting Out Life

Sorting Out Life


I was recently contacted by an old friend—old as in long-time not elderly—who passed on some information about a mutual one. This other person had recently died of cancer.
Since I have had my own bout with that little demon, I was saddened to hear the news. I was even more disturbed to find out the one who contacted me was just finishing chemo herself.


It seems like every time I turn around, someone I know is dealing with this demon. I call it a demon, because quite frankly, it is. Though the knowledge I learned from fighting it has changed my life.


Running into this obstacle in my life caused me to have to take a serious look at my world. I had to examine myself and figure out what I was doing wrong. What had attracted this nightmare to me? What was off-balance in my world?


I was a vegetarian, so I thought I had been okay. I re-calculated my diet and went vegan, dumping the contaminated nightmarish world of the modern dairy industry out of my life. I also went gluten free after finding out wheat is the oldest gmo’d substance on the planet. We aimed for almost completely—well probably 90%—organic, plus completely non-gmo. That’s the big one. When scientists mess with your food, your body doesn’t know what the heck that stuff is, so it puts it in a pile and screws you up inside. Most GMO foods should be considered as evil. The modern scientists are crossing vegetable cells with animal cells and crazy things. Run from them. It’s one thing to combine strong versions of a plant with even stronger versions of the same, to create a good solid hybrid. It’s another to put an Apple cell together with a pig. That’s nuts.


I read about alkalinity of body and got the test strips. Darned if I wasn’t acidic, so I searched out acidic foods and did major adjustments there. We also purchased an alkaline reverse osmosis water system from the states which had six or seven filters in it. Nothing but remineralized pure water can get through that thing, and we set the alkalinity ourselves. My more scientific hubby did it all.


But then I realized I had not addressed alkalinity in my other bodies and that’s when it hit me. I was a bitch. A real, live bitch. I was miserable and lonely and depressed and I was taking it out on everyone around me. I was acidic. My emotions and mind and spirit were acidic. I spoke darkness and I felt dark inside. So I needed to do something about it before it killed me.


I started by talking to the hubby about our lives and how we were communicating or not communicating. I refused to take any bullshit from him and I stopped dishing out the same.
I took a look at my soul and realized I wasn’t feeding it. I was frustrated and tired out from caring for everyone else’s needs and not getting anything back. I needed some actual personal time.
So, I made a few new rules. Two meals a week out or take-out so I didn’t have to cook. Help with the house work so I’m not spending my whole life taking care of a building instead of having a life.


Meditating daily, even if that means listening to it as I doze off to sleep.
Listening to spiritual webinars and refreshing my internal workings.
Finding my soul’s desire, which was to write and teach through my writing. Reading for fun, not just for work. (I’m a book editor.)


Embracing how I view God and being my own version of religion. I am a psychic, medium, Vedantist, Hedgewytch, Christian-Catholic, Medicine Wheel practitioner who has taught spiritual development. I am all of those things, so I can’t just lean into one and be satisfied.
I’m as at home on a Medicine Wheel, embracing some of my roots, as I am in a full moon ceremony with a bunch of Witches. I love the Catholic Church and I love the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy and the Spiritual Scientists, as well as Kenneth and Gloria Copeland and their incredible family.


I also love the Vedas of ancient India and get a rush in my soul at Indian temples and festivals. I have a guru, and an initiated name, but I also have several other spiritual names from a number of other traditions.
Does that make me disloyal to any? I don’t think so. I think it makes me honest.


And so that was also a big part of my healing, honesty with myself and my friends and family. Being willing to say, “This is me. If you don’t like me, there’s the door.”


I have one friend who is always caught up in their own drama and sometimes forgets I exist. That is difficult. But now I know how to deal with it. I am quite willing to remind this person that I, too, exist, whereas before, I would just get really pissed off.


My husband has needs which I can satisfy and needs I can’t. And now, I know enough that I understand it isn’t necessary for me to try to satisfy all his needs; nor is it necessary for him to try to satisfy all of mine.


I’ve joined women’s groups and I go out more. I have learned to say “No” quite easily.
I talk to God everyday and I listen as well.
I’ve met so many people who talk to God all the time, but so very many who never ever wait to hear what God has to say. The biggest part of a relationship with God is to learn to shut-up and listen. That’s the secret.


I’ve tried for years to ignore His instructions—and when I say His, I mean Their, really. For the Godhead is male and female—but it never works out. Now, I’m trying to do what They say to do. I’m trying not to die before the books in me are published, or the adventures awaiting me have been experienced. I’m trying to fulfill my mission, and not just have a job, but have a dream. So the big C was a real eye opener for myself and my family.


I think we are a lot better. People say I look great. I feel like a completely different person now. The big thing I have noticed, is I’m just not angry any more. It’s really hard to get me to be angry. It’s just not important for me to win, or compete, or be on the top. I don’t care really. I’m just as happy when others succeed. I feel younger and more vibrant. The world certainly looks more amazing to me everyday.


I know there are so many people who want to point out all the negative things in life and in the world, but I won’t linger there. I don’t want to talk negative. That is darkness. I won’t go there. I also won’t talk about illness. Illness attracts illness. I never made that demon my calendar, and I refuse to drag my past into my present or future. I sign tons of petitions online every single morning, but then I let it go and trust that the petitioner will take their task to its fruition.
My job is to take my own mission to its fruition, not anyone else’s. So I will continue to do that by writing and sharing my insights through the written and maybe the spoken word.


Before you start your day, talk to God. Ask the Godhead what they want you to do today. Talk to Them about your mission. Be positive and alkaline in your words and heart. Curb acidic words before they come out of your mouth.


Look at every living being as your own child and give them love accordingly. Every living being, not just humans.
Be grateful for every day you have. Be grateful for everyone in your life, the negative nellies and the positive angels. They each have a purpose.
Take time to meditate and listen to God. Take time to love yourself. If you love yourself, others will find you lovable. If you hate yourself, others will avoid you. So take time to enjoy your own world.


Live and breathe compassion. And remember what God said to me when I first tackled that demon.

“ You don’t have to die to go into the Light.”

You can be in and reflect the Light of God every single day of your life. Light up your soul with Love.


Have a great day!
Blessings to you and yours,
Hedgewytch Lynne

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What is Hedgewytchery?


What is Hedgewytchery?


When I see the term ‘Witch’ in print and hear that certain people refer to themselves as a ‘Witch’, I tend to think ‘religion’ in my mind—though that might not be true for everyone. When I hear the word Hedgewitch, or Hedgewytch as I like to spell it, I think lifestyle. You can be a Hedgewytch and be any religion. But a Witch, which is definitely a modern term as far as religion is concerned, has a specific religious practice that they follow.

So what is Hedgewytchery?

I read a definition years ago, which defined the term as a person who keeps one foot on either side of the hedge i.e. one foot in reality and the material world, and one foot in the heavenly or spiritual world. Others define it as the person who lived on the other side of the hedges which surrounded certain villages of yore.


Their home may have been a very rustic cottage, surrounded by herb gardens of medicinal plants and they may have had a few cats who kept the mice population down and a dog or two to guard the place. That individual would have been a little different in that they thought it was normal to say good morning to their animals and hug their trees. They might have been more educated than the average citizen. They were the one you went to for help with your animals, your health or your family’s health, or your concerns about more heavenly matters, part priest or priestess and part healer. For thousands of years ago, doctors were individuals who had learned about the healing arts from other healers, and a spiritual guide would have learned from another of the same kind; much as is done today but without the diploma on the wall.


As the years have gone on, that person has been called a Witch, or ‘wise one’, but it has garnered a very negative connotation mainly by Christians and the western world. As other peoples have translated their references to similar types of traditional practitioners, they too have used the term ‘witch’. And as the Christian and other patriarchal religions displaced those more traditional, ancient, often goddess-oriented faiths, those who leaned toward female deities were deemed to be those bad ‘witches’. Well, you couldn’t have a bunch of women—now deemed as chattels, possessions, second class citizens or not even that—running around with more knowledge or power than the men had, could you?


They were described as being dressed in dark clothing and often wearing pointy hats—connecting them to the dark arts and hell–made to look as ugly as possible or as sensuous as possible—one to scare and one to seduce—and outlined as those who could magically turn anyone who crossed them into a small amphibian, or literally kill them. They were condemned to be the epitome of evil.


While I don’t call myself a ‘witch’—though my husband does sometimes, lol—I do term myself as a Hedgewytch, the more traditional word for healer and spiritual guide. I have studied plants and herbs and their healing properties, much like a naturopath would do. I talk to animals and they talk to me; but anyone can do that if they spend enough time with them. Certainly any farmer or vet. I talk to God and God talks to me. But aren’t all Christians and religious believers supposed to do that? Do I know it’s God I’m talking to? Oh yes. That’s pretty obvious. No one tells me to kill or cheat or destroy and they often build me up and help me help myself and others. God has even saved my life. The Holy Spirit, or Paramatma as the Vedas term it, is available for all of us.

I have learned a number of healing arts and can lay my hands on any living being and channel healing into them, just as the elders of the church are supposed to do as outlined in the Bible. I just have a few more skills in that field and so I’m not just using faith alone.


I have a lot of crystals and I use them to heal and charge energy into people and places. Anyone who knows anything about physics knows that crystals vibrate at a certain energy frequency and basic physics tells you if you introduce a strong energy frequency into a weak one, the weaker field will pull itself up to the stronger one.


My father-in-law was a minister for sixty years. But when he was a youngster, he went out to the fields near his house, collected crystals and built himself a radio. Would that make him a witch? Well, in the old days yes. But thankfully in his own time, it just made him appear very very clever.


I have worked at being very sensitive and have honed my intuitive skills to the point where, when the telephone rings, 90% of the time, I can figure out who is calling before I answer. But lots of people can do that; they say it’s using their ‘gut instincts’ or their intuition.

I feel what others feel, their pain and joy. I am an empath; that’s a step up from being sympathetic. When you feel sympathy, you understand another’s feelings. When you are empathetic, you actually feel their pain and sorrow in your own body. That’s different and more powerful. But many people can do that. The Christians who experienced stigmata were empaths. They felt and literally experienced the horrors which Jesus did. Most migraine sufferers feel earth weather changes. That is simply empathy for the earth.


So how does a Hedgewytch differ from someone described as a prophet, or an elder laying on hands, or a naturopath, or a minister of a church, or just someone’s mother who senses when their son or daughter is phoning? Well, they don’t differ at all, really, except they don’t have the recognized diploma of those who are in power. They don’t have the appropriate stamp of approval of the religion or healing school of the state.

But they aren’t really any different from the practitioners within the city limits. They often run on deep instincts. They talk to the Godhead and hear Their voice very clearly in their ear. For you Orthodox Bible believers, remember in Genesis, God created man and woman in Their image, not His image, so try not to get your knickers in a knot when it is said that God is also female. The Bible and every other set of scriptures says that too.


Being a Hedgewytch means being intuitive and spiritual and helpful in anyway I can. If everyone on this planet learned a little more about healing naturally, talking to The Godhead and listening to their own ‘gut instincts’, the world might be a nicer, kinder place.

So I would encourage you to spend some time on the other side of the ‘hedge’ today, and learn a little more about the world you live in, how to keep it healthy, and the Godhead who created it and you. It just might improve your life.

Blessed Be,
Hedgewytch Lynne

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Samhain: AKA Hallowe’en



Samhain is one of the four Celtic or Gaelic festivals celebrated every year. The other three are Imbolc, Beltane and Lughnasadh. (There’s a mittfull for you.)Samhain falls on what would now be called Hallowe’en, which is kind of a morphed version of All Hallows Eve, the Catholic version. Samhain is pronounced sow-an. It is celebrated from sunset on October 31st to the same on November 1.


The festival is thought to have been around for several thousand years. Evidence of its celebration and the importance of the day can be found going back to as early as 3000 BCE. There is a place called The Mound of the Hostages in County Meath, Ireland, where the doorway to this ancient passage tomb, which contained the remains of well over 250 individuals, is lit up by the sunrise on only two days of the year, Samhain and Imbolc.


In ancient times, this festival was more concerned with the spirits of the dead, or the Si, Fey or Fairies, coming to be involved with the living. For you see, the walls between the worlds are very thin at this time of the year. I know, myself, that I am more likely to see movement out of the corners of my eyes at that time of the year. I can hear the other side very clearly and feel the presence of other worlds and times. I’m sure there are many of you who feel way more sensitive at this time of the year. Don’t worry about it, but protect yourself with your heirloom family jewellery or your power pendants, crosses, and protection ornaments. The other side is a whisper away right now.
Don’t overwhelm yourself with satanic thoughts or let the dark side enter in. It’s not a good time to open yourself to that. Tell them to “Go Away!” with force and shake negative thoughts off and out of your mind. You can chant mantras, say the rosary, repeat prayers of power and clear your head.


It’s a good time to burn sage and walk through your house. Hang cedar boughs around the doors and throw real salt, like pink or rock salt–not that chemical concoction the manufacturers sell as table salt– around your home to cleanse it of any extra forces or energies who may wish to hang around.


Of course, the tradition of giving out treats was originally to please the Fey and ancient ones so they would help bring on the health of the harvests in the future and keep the world working. Now, the treats we give out are more to keep the dentists happy in the future and to placate the children, or as Kristen Lamb would say, to feed the starving writers. I’ll go with that one. Bring on the chocolate bars!


It has been said to be the Celtic New Year when the old year and harvest dies down, and the seed falls to the ground, hence the name of the November was Samonios, or Seed Fall, in the old Celtic Calendar.
Makes sense to me.


Well, whatever you wish to call it, have a safe and happy festival. Don’t get too crazy. Try to remember what it’s traditions are really about. They have more depth than what we tend to latch onto in our modern world. And if you are feasting, let’s be Vegetarian and save the planet and our animal friends of all kinds, not just the little ones that fit on our lap and purr.


There’s lots to watch on the telly. And great movies to rent.


And good stories to read! This one is by yours truly.


Have a happy Samhain! Leave some treats for the fairies that are pet friendly just in case the critters get into them before the Fey do.
Bright blessings be upon you and yours!


Happy Samhain!
Hedgewytch Lynne

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Garden Towers



We have a small garden space where we live. We actually reside in a one bedroom apartment with a porch at the second storey level. It has a magnificent north view of the mountains so it’s really nice.


But our gardening space is limited and as a person who needs her plants and fairies around her, I have strived to make it attractive and functional.

With the price of vegetables and fruits going up everyday, I have also recently been exploring the idea of garden towers. They look really cool and seem like they would do the job in a very small space.
So I just spent a few hours watching videos and checking out links for garden towers and of course, organic, non-gmo heirloom seeds and plants, which is what you will want to use in your tower.
Purchasing a garden tower can run into some serious cash. I noticed that several people have created their own and so I was intrigued at the idea. I have a very handy builder husband. I’m strictly the philosopher type. ;0)
I thought you might want to see some of these videos and sites for yourself and consider using these techniques to grow food to feed your families, whether you live on a farm, a spouse with a city lot, or a small apartment. You can do this in a small space and I bet, you could even put one of these garden towers inside if you had the proper light. Lots of “food for thought” pardon the pun.
So here’s some links to these so you can start your research.


It’s pretty obvious to me that with some time and patience and a little cash you can make your own versions of the manufactured ones. They look great and are certainly drool worthy, but where money is involved you can get very clever and build your own.
Good luck and let us know what you create. I would love to share the results.
Happy gardening,
The Hedgewytch


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